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North York Renovations

65 Hollyberry Trail Toronto ON M2H 2N9 CA

North York Renovations

Your complete renovation specialists

Garage built for clients

Garage completed in 2015 for client on Randolph Rd. in Toronto before the backyard was finished

View of the completed garage and yard for client

The garage and backyard after completion of project.

View of the garage door from the back lane

Back lane view of the garage with blue siding and a white door.

Close up of the clear garage door from the backyard, siding and planter

Close up of the clear doors, light fixtures and planter boxes constructed for the project

Close up of the garage door

View of the garage from with backyard, clear window doors installed (the garage door leading to the back lane is open showing a view from the backyard straight through to the back lane).

View of the playhouse built for client's children to match the garage

Playhouse built to match the garage for the client's children

The inside of the playhouse once it was painted